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Monday, March 07, 2005

Utter Bullshit

A friend recently emailed me a link to this book review of cartesian scholar Harry Frankfurt's On Bullshit.

How nice to see eminent philosophy training its best lights on the world we actually inhabit.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger J. Goard said...

I chuckled at the last bit:

"Does George W. Bush have a clue that his Social Security arithmetic fails to add up? How can he know if he doesn't care?"

How many Slate readers with whom this passage is meant to resonate actually have studied or care to study the Social Security system? How many would you expect to have their views open to change by dispassionate argument? The reviewer could have made the same valid point about Bush's thought process without appealing to a factual belief that is all-too-often uncritically accepted by the President's detractors.

That said, it's an intriguing book. The lie/bullshit distinction (especially with regard to the relative immorality) seems highly applicable to Ayn Rand and her movement, which I've been thinking a great deal about lately. I think I'll start a new entry for that topic.


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